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Chiropractor – Dr. Petra Rutz, DC

Dr. Petra Rutz

Dr. Petra Rutz was born and raised in Switzerland. She graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2006 in Toronto. After working in Switzerland for five years, she moved to beautiful British Columbia with her husband and her two dogs, where she took over what is now Swiss Family Chiropractic in Burnaby. Dr. Rutz speaks Swiss German, German, French, Italian and some Romanisch (fourth Swiss national language) in addition to English.

She focuses on family health, including babies and expectant mothers. She knows the importance of a good start into the life and is certified in the Webster technique. Due to her extensive education in Switzerland, Germany and Canada, Dr. Rutz has a broad spectrum of experience and has had success with patients of all walks of life.

Dr. Rutz has done additional training to become an Animal Chiropractor and provides animal chiropractic care in New West.