New Westminster Chiropractor Dr. Petra Rutz

Dr. Petra Rutz

Dr. Petra Rutz is a licensed Chiropractor in both Canada and Switzerland.

When it comes to living and active and healthy lifestyle she leads by example and believes staying active and eating well are keys to staying healthy, having energy and being happy.

In addition to giving chiropractic care to humans, she also  provides chiropractic care for dogs and other pets.

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Background of Dr. Rutz

Before practicing Chiropractic in Switzerland, Dr. Rutz attended two years of medical school, studied Chiropractic in Toronto, and studied for 2 more years in Switzerland.

She worked for 5 years in Switzerland before moving to Canada. Dr. Rutz takes exceptional pride in helping her patients get real results and live without pain.

In Switzerland, Petra worked with the national wrestling team. In addition to working with these very muscular athletes, she also worked with a lot of maternity patients, infants and children.

In Vancouver, Dr. Rutz was the team chiropractor for the Terminal City Rollergirls, a team of female athletes who represent Vancouver internationally at the full-contact sport of women’s roller derby until her son came into her world in 2013.

Dr. Rutz also speaks 5 languages fluently (so far) – English, French, German,
Romansch and Italian.

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