Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor Burnaby

Child Chiropractor Dr. Petra Rutz

Child Chiropractor Dr. Petra Rutz

Dr. Rutz is specialized in treating pregnant women and babies.

During pregnancy the body undergoes enormous physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Chiropractic care can help with the physical changes due to weight redistribution and loosening of ligaments.

The Webster technique, which is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment, might help in the weeks before birth.

In general, the healthier and happy the mother, the better the development of the child.

Dr. Rutz recommends pregnant women to get checked for spinal problems once a month if everything is going well, more if necessary.

Dr. Rutz recommends newborns be examined as early as reasonably possible in the days or weeks following birth (as soon as both mother and baby feel ready).

Any in-utero constraint or birth trauma occurring even during “normal” birth can cause the baby to have reduced motion in some areas of the spine, potentially leading to torticollis (can only turn the head one way) or other problems, such as delayed sitting, crawling or walking.

Problems with the developing spine are best detected as early as possible, since they are more easily treated then, rather than to wait a few months. There have been some cases where chiropractic care has helped to alleviate colic symptoms in infants as well.

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